Chamber Member Testimonials

Expanding My Network, Expanding My Business

As a Paulding County native, I was so excited to purchase a second territory serving my hometown. As soon as the ink was dry, I joined the Paulding Chamber. As a franchise owner, I was prohibited from spending money outside of my own regions. My first experience was the first Friday of the month. Yup, First Friday Vibes. When I joined, I wanted to find my place immediately. I found some challenges with my calendar and went to leadership at the chamber and said, put me in! How do I get involved? The chamber worked with me to find my place. I am so grateful. In just a few months, still wearing my chamber training wheels, I am excited to share my results.
1. Committee involvement - When you serve with others on a committee as volunteers, you learn quickly your participation is welcome and appreciated.
2. Introduction to other associations in the area - As a small business owner your dollars and where they are spent are so important. Knowing where to spend, with support from other chamber members behind you, is so helpful.
3. Drugs Don't Work Program - This is a no brainer. If you have a work comp policy and you are enrolled in this program, that the chamber provides, there is a 7% savings on your premiums. THIS COVERED MY MEMBERSHIP FEES!
4. Chamber Business Directory - For me to duplicate the culture I have built in my first market, I need other trade professionals. I called the list of plumbers in the chamber business directory and found a new partner to help me serve the community. We have sent them a new client and they have sent us a couple of new clients. THIS COVERED THE COST OF MY MEMBERSHIP BY 8X. And theirs too!
What a treasure we have in this chamber. I am so glad to have been so warmly embraced and welcomed. Thank you, TEAM!

Dear Paulding Chamber Team,

Thank you for all you do. I so appreciate you all and don't tell you that often enough. Thank you for your offerings to all members, and your hard work on our behalf.
I want to especially thank you for your constant support of my small business. It has led to several opportunities I would have never been offered if not for you. I'm blessed because of you.


Claire Cooley
New Image Roofs

"It's the people who make the place. I found more than colleagues when I joined the Paulding Chamber. I have lifelong friends, unconditional support, and a family. I have grown more in my business. I've grown as a person, my character, and my valuable life skills."

Danny Plunkett
White Ash Realty

"I met Lili, with Lili's House Cleaning at First Friday VIBE$ and asked her for her card. The following week, my grandmother passed away and I ran into Lili again at her funeral. It turns out that her family had been cleaning Grandmama's house since she was a young child. Grandmama taught Lili and her sister how to read and write English and how to swim! Not only did I meet the best house cleaners we've ever used- but I met my "cousin" through the Paulding Chamber!"

Kathy Springer
Springer Senior Solutions

"The Paulding Chamber of Commerce has changed my life personally and professionally for the better. I was new to Paulding in 2020 and decided to join the chamber. I've met some great people, and the camaraderie is great."

"I love the sense of community and belonging when I come to any chamber event or program."